A people of the Word

I am so very proud to pastor such a people of the Word. - doug

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. - Isaiah 40:8

Last night many stopped by the new location for a few minutes to see the space the LORD has led us to and to write His Word on its walls. There are well over 100 verses written to surround us when we gather to worship Him and see His glory revealed to us and through us. These pictures don't do it justice.


There is much to pray for in regards to the next couple months and moving the tabernacle. Please join with me and the leadership in praying for these things regularly:

  • That the City would be gracious to us by approving our plans as is, and do so quickly to avoid delays. Specifically, that parking and engineering would be approved without issue.

  • That the demo and initial construction would happen seamlessly and safely. If you can help, reach out to Josh Edwards at (623) 451-5563.

  • That the Holy Spirit would already begin to move on the hearts of our FRamily (and the surrounding community) to show us how He will use this space to train others to teach God’s truth, reveal His glory and grow His Kingdom, not just on Sunday’s, but throughout the week. There is MASSIVE POTENTIAL for GOSPEL ADVANCE!


MUCH LOVE and keep looking UP! - Luke 21.28


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